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FibroDog Pinterest fibromyalgia


Some of you may have been hearing the whispers on the wind (or me blabbing to everyone I know because I can’t control myself) about KoiBoy’s upcoming project to get super famous while helping to educate kids about fibromyalgia. Well, the whispers are true, and we are officially ready to introduce… FibroDog!!!!!! We’ll be rolling the project out slowly, and we may start with a kickstarter project to get funding for startup costs (go-pro camera, lighting equipment, swag/merch, small stipends for guests and tech crew, lots of meat to fatten up our still slightly underweight star, etc.) 
In the meantime we need some help from you, our dear friends and supporters:
I just learned what a hashtag is. I’m a dork, I know. But I suspect we’ll need some hashtags for this project. Something like “#FibroDog_GotSnout?” So can you guys please reply with some ideas of other hashtags we might want to use while we’re in the planning stages of the project? If we use your hashtag at any point along the way you’ll get a prize: a free bumper sticker (or window sticker) with your hashtag on it! If you’re really skilled at this and we end up using 5 of your hashtags, guess what, you’ll get all 5 stickers! Woohoo! So start sending those hashtags our way!