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To order supplements, we use two different online vendors who supply medical quality nutraceuticals, supplements, and medical foods. Click on one of the online dispensary links below to view the products your provider has recommended for you, or to browse for other high quality healthcare products that might interest you.

Metagenics Online Dispensary: 


Emerson Ecologics Online Dispensary: 


When you purchase products using our dispensary links, we earn a small percentage of the sale, at no extra cost to you. In fact, if you are an established patient make sure to sign up for the patient discount to save money on all of your purchases, and keep an eye out for coupons and special offers. And we have a special deal for our medicaid and medicare patients, so be sure to get signed up right away! Call or email the office, or let us know at your next visit that you want to sign up for discounts to use our online dispensaries.