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Whisker greetings, Ghost! I usually do snout greetings but I’m not sure if kitties have snouts… But I know they definitely have whiskers because I got to lick some once… So Whisker greetings it is! Please tell us what type of kittie you are, your approximate age, and where you live. 

Hi there FibroDog whisker greetings right back at you! My name is Ghost Kittie although I am actually named after a direwolf from some book my mum reads called ‘Game of Thrones’. <editor’s note: FibroDog likes Direwolves very much, and wishes he had one for a brother or sister!!!!!!!>
I’m a chocolate point siamese and am the most beautiful kittie on my block. I live with my human parents and my human brother and sister. My mum Clare adopted me when I was only 15 weeks old but now I’m real big and have lived here for just over a year. I like it here in Eastbourne thats in England you know.
Ghost kittie 1
Prettiest kittie in all of England!
Tell us about your human friend, does she have a name?  What do you call her? Do you know how old she is approximately? (I had to learn “approximately”, which is kind of hard to say, because Mom and Dad say I shouldn’t ask a girl’s age, it’s not polite whether it’s a human girl or a girl kittie! I had no idea, I’m just not a very puriticurry currect dog I guess!)
My mum Clare is much older than me. She says it’s her 40th birthday this year. Wow that is old!
That’s not very old, my Mom’s much older than that! Does your Mom have “fibro- mryalgeeya” or one those other things that makes them hurt or feel tired a lot? Is she able to work or go to school, or does she need to stay home so you can take care of her?
My mum has that thing called fibromyalgia and something called osteoarthritis which I know both hurt her a lot. She used to work as a RN but had to stop. I guess her pain got too bad. She gets very sad sometimes, I think they call it depression. Now I take care of her especially when the rest of my family are out.
My Mom’s a nurse too, yay for nurse humans! My Mom only works part time because of her “fibro- mryalgeeya”, but I wish she could stay home with me all the time like yours does… On second thought that would mean that she felt too bad to work at all, so I guess I wouldn’t want that. I’m sorry your Mum can’t work as a nurse anymore Ghost 🙁 But I’ll bet you help her a lot… what kinds of things do you do to help her when she’s feeling sore or tired or sad?
I always snuggle up real close to my mum because it seems to make her feel happy. I’m also very clever at knowing where her pain is. If her left hip hurts l will lay down on it and go to sleep. Or if her knees are bad I’ll snuggle in from behind. She seems to like my warmth. When she’s sad I will lay on her pillow right next to her head and purr and lick her face. I let her rub my belly and I make sure I purr extra loud.
ghost kittie posing
Good soft belly for petting!
Oh that’s so sweet, I’m starting to like kitties more and more! Are there things you have to be careful with so you don’t accidentally make your human feel worse when she’s  having a bad day?
I have to be extra careful when I play and run around. My mum moves really slow and sometimes she just falls over. She brought me the smartest collar ever with my name on it in diamonds and a special bell. The bell is special because it alerts her when I’m coming so she doesn’t trip over me. My paws don’t make a noise when I walk but my bell does. I also have to be careful how I jump up onto my mum by keeping my claws in. My dad sometimes cuts them for me so they keep nice and trim. That way I can’t accidentally hurt my mum.
Look at that pretty diamond collar!
Look at that pretty diamond collar!
Is there anything else you or your human would like to say to our FibroFans out there about what they can do to be more supportive?
My mum wishes more people understood that just because a person is smiling doesn’t mean they are not in pain. She thinks us animals understand this better than some people.
I agree Ghost, that’s why I’m doing all these interviews, to try to teach humans to be as sweet and understanding about chronic pain as we animals are. I know they can learn eventually, they seem pretty smart. Well thank you so much for being my first FibroKittie, Ghost!
It’s been great talking to you FibroDog!
Meow for now,
FibroDog + Ghost Kittie = Whiskered it!
FibroDog + Ghost Kittie = Whiskered it!