FibroDog Interview #1: Lily the Support Corgi

FibroDog + Lily = Snouted it!!! fibromyalgia support dog interview

FibroDog: Please tell us what type of animal you are, your age, and where you live.

My name is Lily. I am a 4 year old tri-color Welsh corgi living in Phoenix, Arizona.

Lily from in her FibroDog interview for fibromyalgia and chronic pain support

Lily the Fibro Support Dog!

FD: Tell us about the human you support: are they male or female? Do you know how old they are? Do they call themselves a name? Like Mom or Dad or Sally or Fred?

My Mom’s name is Kristine. She is 48yrs old, I’d like to tell you how old that is in dog years, but I can’t count that high. My Mom is famous because she blogs at  A Life Well Red on WordPress.

FD: Humans are always talking about something called a “Diagonal-orosis”. I think that means “what’s wrong with them”, but I’m not sure. Does your Mom have a “Diagonal-orosis?” Like “Fibro- mryalgeeya” or one those other things that makes her hurt or feel tired a lot? (Note from editor – FibroDog has trouble with big words sometimes – he means “diagnosis” and “fibromyalgia”, in case you couldn’t quite understand him.)

Mom has Fibromyalgia and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.). Mostly she spends a lot of time at home with me, and walking around the house very slowly sometimes. We do go out in the backyard a lot though, where Mom watches me run back and forth chasing the birds off my lawn.

Lily from guarding her yard in her FibroDog interview for fibromyalgia and chronic pain support

Guarding my lawn

FD: Wow, I’m not even going to try to pronounce that M.E. thing but it sounds pretty rough. What kinds of things do you do to help your Mom when she’s feeling sore or tired or sad from her fibro or M.E.?

When Mom feels especially bad, I give her a hug by nosing underneath her chin and pressing my furry body against her. She also seems to just enjoy watching me play around the yard, and nibble the ears off my stuffed dragon. She says it’s calming, but I think she’d feel better with a chew bone of her own to gnaw on.

FD: Your furry hugs sound awesome, I’ll bet they help your Mom a lot! What kinds of things do you try to avoid doing so your Mom doesn’t feel worse? (I know I accidentally broke my human Mom’s nose once when I was trying to give her a kiss, and that seemed to make her feel even worse for some reason, so I’m extra careful with kisses now). Are there things you have to be careful with so you don’t accidentally make her feel worse? Like not pawing at her too hard or not going potty in the living room when she’s having a bad day?

I’m only about 16 lbs, so I don’t hurt her too much when I perch on her leg to get a better view out the front window. My legs are pretty stubby too, so I can only get so high when I stand up to jump on her and say hi. I also try to be extra obedient on her ‘bad’ days and come inside the first three times I’m called instead of the usual seven.

FD: Wow, I’m impressed Lily, coming inside the first three times you’re called takes some serious commitment! I think I’ve got a ways to go in that department, but what I’m lacking in obedience I make up for in Snout. (At least that’s what Mom and Dad say all the time!) Is there anything else you or Kristine would like to say to our FibroFans out there about what they can do to be a more supportive friend?

The best thing I do for my human is be myself and give her all the furry love that’s in me! Yeah, I’m pretty awesome like that!

Lily & Kristine from in her FibroDog interview for fibromyalgia and chronic pain support

Lily and Kristine

FD: Yeah you are pretty awesome Lily! Thank you so much for being my first furry interview, and you’re now officially part of my FibroDog Posse! (why don’t the humans spell it Pawsee?) I hope you don’t mind but I’ll be inviting some kitties and small humans to join the Posse, and possibly even a hedgehog, because FibroDog does not discriminate based on species or prickliness. (Although I have to admit I am rather curious about how that hedgehog manages to give soft fibro-snuzzles, I can’t wait to relay more details on that one!)

FibroDog p.s. – Special thanks to our human Moms Medea and Kristine for typing out our interview, because in case folks haven’t noticed, paws aren’t great for typing. I hope everyone enjoys reading my first interview, and if any other fibro support critters out there would like to be interviewed and join Lily and I in our Fibro Posse please leave your info below, or email my human Mom and Dad at And please check out Lily’s Mom’s blog A Life Well Red  – once you read it it you’ll probably want to follow it. That’s what my Mom did.

xoxoxo Snout Out!

Would you like FibroDog to interview your support pet- fibromyalgia support dog interview paw snoutface 735x2000

9 thoughts on “FibroDog Interview #1: Lily the Support Corgi

    • Medea Karr FNP says:

      Thanks Ghost, I’ll have my mom and dad email your human with more info. (Sometimes having paws kinda sucks, have to ask them to do all the typing for me- you can relate I’m sure!) You’ll be one of the first kitties in my Fibro Posse! ….. Snout out


  1. Sandy Gayle Rauch Sluder says:

    Wow Lily! Thank you FibroDog, This is Isis, I am my mom’s FibroKitty. Thank you Moms Kristine & Madea for a wonderful and insightful interview. Very few people truly know how much support we in the FibroAnimal Community give our human Moms & Dads. My human mom Sandy & I would love to help you spread the word. We look forward to hearing from you.


    PS I have a Brother Casper & Sister Mystic, they may love our human mom too. I just happen to be attached to her hip constantly and must know where she is and when she is getting back.


    • Medea Karr FNP says:

      Thanks Isis, we’ve added you to the interview list, and your buddies Casper and Mystic can join us too. Things move awfully slow around here lately, my mom can’t seem to keep up with all the interviews I want to do, it must be because that crazy fibro thing is acting up again, I hate it when that happens, I’ve got so many awesome pets to interview! If I could just learn to type by myself with these big ol paws…
      XXOO FibroDog


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